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Great Packing and Removal Services London Based

Gracious Movers offer you a reliable, professional and fast service when it comes to packing and removals.
We provide household movers with suitable vehicles, fully trained staff and the relevant insurance. Please visit our FAQs page for more information.

When contacting us we would need to know the amount of goods that you are moving to your new location as well as the distance involved. Our online calculator can give you an precise estimate on the cost but once you contact us via phone or email we would need to know all the details of your move.

It is important to take into account that we would have to park 9 feet further from the property because of the delays that parked cars can cause in terms of loading/unloading. It would be advisable that you inform us of anything you think might happen on the day the removal is taking place, even if you think it is not that important.

If you were thinking of packing and storage we are happy to provide both. If you wanted to do the packing yourself it would be a good idea to start with storage rooms and lofts and then work you way down to areas with smaller items. Also consider what would you need to unpack first when at your destination.

Your good will be covered by our insurance during the removal services as well as during any storage services. For more information please do call us or email us with your particular queries.

We include moving boxes in the price of each removal, but if you required boxes prior to our arrival you can buy them here.



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